`-u` Update meta table

It can be useful to amend entries or add extra fields to the meta table, for example to add suggested search terms. The script update_meta.pl reads all [META] entries from the ini files and updates the corresponding entries in the meta table. For keys with more than one entry, new values are added without replacing the original value.

docker run --rm \
           --name easy-import-operophtera_brumata_v1_core_32_85_1 \
           --link genomehubs-mysql \
           -v ~/demo/genomehubs-import/import/conf:/import/conf \
           -v ~/demo/genomehubs-import/import/data:/import/data \
           -e DATABASE=operophtera_brumata_v1_core_32_85_1 \
           -e FLAGS="-u" \