SPECIES_DBS = [ bombyx_mori_core_31_84_1 danaus_plexippus_core_31_84_1 heliconius_melpomene_core_31_84_1 melitaea_cinxia_core_31_84_1 ]
  MULTI_DBS = [ ensemblgenomes_ontology_31_84 ensembl_compara_pan_homology_31_84 ensemblgenomes_info_31 ensembl_compara_metazoa_31_84  ensembl_archive_84 ensembl_website_84 ]
  • SPECIES_DBS a space separated list of ensembl core dbs in square braces
  • SPECIES_DB_AUTO_EXPAND to save listing all dbs for a given species this variable may be used to specify a set of replacement strings to attempt to connect to (e.g. specify SPECIES_DBS = [ homo_sapiens_core_83_38 ] and SPECIES_DB_AUTO_EXPAND = [ variation ] to also load the database homo_sapiens_variation_83_38, if it exists on [DATABASE] DB_HOST or DB_FALLBACK_HOST
  • MULTI_DBS - a space separated list of multispecies databases in square braces